Business Session

I offer sessions in the studio or your area.


Put your best foot forward in a professional business photo session for your company website, personal bio, or other career materials. Making an impeccable first impression is still invaluable, especially when many people first see you in a profile photograph on LinkedIn, Facebook & Co. I help you look at the part. My stylist (option) will work with you to plan your photoshoot and create a career-appropriate look while underscoring your unique personality and style. I see a promotion in your future!


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  • I travel to you
  • Convenient for self-employed and small to large companies 
  • Get new headshots for corporate websites or LinkedIn 
  • Half-day and full-day sessions available 
  • Professional stylist available (additional charge) 
  • Backdrop of your choice (dark, light, and it is possible to replace the background with the desired one) 
  • Attention to detail (hair, ties, collars, etc.) 
  • I'm not a "one-click and your done" service. 
  • I work with each individual to capture the best possible photo.